Chips and Dip: The Ultimate Snack


Even if “Chips and Dip” wasn’t the name of the prompt, I would choose chips and dip as my favorite snack food. Why? Because it’s clearly the best option. Allow me to explain:

Chips and dip is as versatile a snack food as you can find. Have you seen what kind of chips exist these days? We’re no longer limited to Plain or Ruffled or Salt & Vinegar potato chips. We can have Lays Chicken and Waffles, Lays Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, or even Lays Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger potato chips. I don’t know why anyone would want these things (seriously Lays, what are you doing), but should you grow tired of a classic potato chip, there are a slew of other options for you. And should you start getting sick of those flavors, you can switch up the dip! French Onion dip is a personal favorite of mine, but I don’t discriminate.

That’s not even to mention all the other chips. Tortilla chips or Doritos with salsa are practically an entirely different snack but they conveniently fall under this nice umbrella of “chips and dip.”

Need more evidence?

Let me point you to this snack food graph that came up when I googled “snack food graph.”

Potato Chips have a clear lead. And Corn chips are in their own category, so if you combine them they would dominate. This is clear evidence that chips are the greatest snack. And what goes better with a chip than a dip?

Tired of savory? Purchase chocolate-covered potato chips at your local chocolatier. I recommend Bromilow’s located in Woodland Park.



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