The Perks of Taking an 8am

8 a.m. classes are definitely not for everyone. In fact, for the first full half of my college career I refused to even entertain the idea. Nothing seemed worth waking up that early in the morning (despite having woken up significantly earlier for high school). I was forced into a change of heart when I got a different job picking up kids from school. In order to get to Montclair by the end of their school day, I needed to have all of my classes done by 1 p.m. This meant I was going to have to start earlier. Horrifying.

Except that it wasn’t. Sure I can’t stand waking up early in the morning and I feel like a zombie half the time, but getting all my classes done early is such a relief. The sooner you start, the sooner you can get back home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about parking. The parking lots are practically empty when I pull up. I have a plethora of spots to choose from, which is a major stress reliever.

I’m up earlier in the morning which forces me to go to bed earlier at night. Additionally I feel more productive. Sure I nap now and again, but usually once I’m awake I stay awake. It’s also a great way for me to juggle 19 credits and my job. Taking classes at 8 also allowed me to choose classes that meet from Monday to Thursday, leaving me with a three day weekend. Life-changing. Not having classes on Friday has completely changed my college career, and I’m so glad I realized how good a slightly longer weekend is for me.

8 a.m. classes aren’t for everyone. If you really struggle to wake up in the morning or have an exceptionally long commute, it may be too difficult to pull off taking a class so early. But if you live on campus or live a stone’s throw away then it’s something you should consider with an open mind.


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