As a commuter, I barely spend any time on the William Paterson University campus. I basically go to my classes and then leave. But there are still some things I’ve noticed or learned to love or hate throughout my time here.

  • The Geese – My whole posture stiffens whenever I see even a single Canadian Goose, which happens daily. I creep past as quietly as possible and avoid eye contact lest I end up like this unfortunate student. They are all over the place and they just poop and glare menacingly at you. Not what I want to see every morning.
  • The hike to Hobart – It bothers me endlessly that the parking lots in front and behind Hobart Hall are for staff only. Especially at 8am when all of the spots are available and I just walked all the way from lot 5.
  • Employee lots – In general, the employee lots seem way too big. I’ve never seen one even close to being full. This is super frustrating when you’re running late and driving around in circles looking for a spot. Just feet away there are rows and rows of parking spots just waiting to be filled, and yet…
  • Parking – This one’s obvious. Parking sucks. Take 8ams to avoid this.
  • Professors using technology – This cracks me up in every class and is not exclusive to William Paterson. So many of my professors don’t know how to use the projectors in the room. It’s a huge project when they want to play a video, and when they finally find the right source, they can’t figure out the sound. It wastes so much of the class period and is hilarious every time.
  • The Bumper Magnets – I live in Wayne, so all I see are the WP bumper magnets they give out. They must give each incoming student about 500 of them. I wish they would give out something useful like a water bottle or a drawstring backpack.

William Paterson is a great school over all. These are just some everyday stressors or annoyances that drive me up the wall. Get it together, people.


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