How to Succeed During Registration Without Really Trying

Okay, you might have to try a little.

Registering for classes is probably the biggest pain in the ass, but putting in just a little bit of effort can save you a lot of stress in the long run. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of class registration.

  1. Know your registration time slot. These can be found here.
  2. Be sure there are no holds on your account that might prevent you from registering. This can be done through WPConnect. Simply log in, select the ‘Student’ tab at the top of the page, and click the link that reads ‘View Holds.’
  3. Make an appointment with your advisor. You need to meet with your advisor to receive your registration PIN. (At least, I haven’t discovered the way around this one yet)
  4. If you can’t fit this into your schedule, be sure to attend one of the group registration sessions.
  5. Plan out several potential schedules and write down the CRNs. This is the most complicated and also the most important step.
    • I have work in the afternoons and I like to give myself Fridays off, so planning my schedule in advance is crucial because I need to get into classes that are offered Monday-Thursday before 2 p.m.
    • I typically write down all of the classes that I need to take that are offered in this time range and see which ones combine together to make a schedule that works.
    • It is important to write down the CRNs because this is the information that you need to register.
    • Bringing this information with you to your registration meeting makes the experience way easier. I prefer to do this on my own because I’d rather not rely on an advisor who knows little to nothing about my individual college experience.

Ultimately, if you follow these steps, your registration process should be relatively painless. A little bit more effort might be involved on your part, but it is definitely worth the effort. By doing these few things I am able to get the classes I need during the times that I want, and you could too!

Don’t make registration worse than it needs to be!


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