Favorite Songs of All Time

Africa – Toto

Africa has been my favorite song for ages. I love the way it sounds. It’s in a major key so it’s a really happy sounding song. It’s also a song that tons of people know, so it can bring people together. I mean, play Toto at a party and you’re bound to have a crowd of white people blessing the rains of Africa.


Tether is another song in a major key. This is my go-to song for when I need a pick-me-up. The lyrics aren’t my favorite, the vocalist is good enough, but the music itself is so catchy. I can’t fully express the way this song makes me feel, so go ahead and blast it in the car and tell me how you feel.

Time – Hans Zimmer

On a completely different note, Time by Hans Zimmer is just the most epic instrumental. It’s from the Inception movie score. This song plays at the end of the film when everything is wrapping up. The song builds up to an epic climax and then fades out in the end, and it’s incredible.


If you had to continuously relive any day, which would you choose?

They say that negative memories create more of an impact than positive ones. I know this to be true because I can think of countless days that I would rather die than live over again. A particularly brutal stomach bug, a loss of a family member, a terrible bought of period cramps. These experiences are much easier to recall. It’s not that I don’t have a surplus of great, mind-blowing experiences, but they are much harder to think up on command.

My answer would probably be much like any other average person’s: a memorable vacation or particularly enjoyable holiday. Unlike some of my more unpleasant days, however, I can’t really recall some of the specifics of these supposedly amazing days. When I revisit my trip to Scotland last spring, I can vaguely remember what I did: visit the Edinburgh Castle, go to the most hilarious club of my life, The Hive, etc. More overpowering than those memories though is the overarching feeling of joy at being in a new country with amazing sights and amazing friends. That feeling, and the aching of my feet at walking so freakin’ much, is what I really remember.  When I think back on my trips to Disney World, on the other hand–which were some of the most magical days of my whole life–I can’t remember any details whatsoever. I vaguely recall liking certain rides and meeting certain characters, but I can’t remember where we ate or stayed or even what it looked like to walk through Magic Kingdom. I just remember feeling overwhelmingly awestruck by its entirety.

That’s not to say that I would choose to live a day in Disney World over and over again. Unless I could nit-pick some very important details. First of all, I would need to be guaranteed that, despite the memories I would retain, it wouldn’t physically feel like I was living the same day. That’s to say, my feet wouldn’t hurt and I wouldn’t be overwhelmingly exhausted after a couple of weeks. If I could wake up everyday feeling well rested, then I would absolutely choose a day in Disney World. It may seem like this would get old after a while. I’m sure it would, but being able to people-watch and witness children experiencing Disney for the very first time would definitely keep the magic alive. Everything in the parks is meticulously cultivated to create the best experience possible for its visitors, so I would be basically ensured a great time everyday.

I wouldn’t voluntarily choose to live the same day over and over again. I might regret saying this someday, but I’d like my timeline to remain moving forward. But if I absolutely had to choose, a day from one of my many trips to Disney World (literally any day) would make the cut.